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Athletic Futures.

We're simplifying the college athletics recruiting process for players, parents, and coaches.

What We Do

The purpose of MatchPlay is to make the college recruiting process more accessible by connecting potential collegiate athletes to coaches. We are constantly asking questions of collegiate coaches for you, the recruit, and your parents.  We produce podcasts, blog posts, and other content to help you understand the ins and outs of recruiting.  Additionally, we provide objective data based on a combination of player assessments, analytics, and insights. We are creating a new way for recruits to be seen, get recruited, and succeed at the next level. 

Why We Do It

We have been in your shoes! Founded by a parent of a college athlete, players, and coaches who believe there is a better way to get recruited. We have experienced the pain points and ambiguity around this process. Our goal is to provide insightful, reliable, and accurate data to help you feel confident and informed when you need to make these important decisions.

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