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What Our Audience is Saying

MatchPlay's services are reaching parents, student athletes, and others across the globe interested and invested in learning about the soccer recruiting process. Here's what they have to say about what has been helping them.
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Los Angeles, CA

“The Match Play Recruit Podcast is full of useful and critical information for all players and families going through the college recruiting process. There is something for everyone whether you are at the beginning stages or deep into the process. Scot has sincere interest in helping the community and generously gives his time to produce this type of invaluable content. All inquiries are answered quickly and honestly. To get this content in one place is rare! Scot has real access to many college coaches at all levels. From listening to the podcasts or directly communicating with Scot, our family has been able to gather so much information. We have been able to either confirm or debunk information from other sources, as well. I promise this information will help make your process more efficient and cost effective. Thank you Scot and MatchPlay!!!”

- David P., Parent

Sydney, Australia

Ray, a father of a collegiate soccer athlete, is a Tales from the Trail Podcast listener in Sydney, Australia. His son plays in the U.S. and Ray shared the relevance of podcast #20 in which current student-athletes, Michael Meese and Augie Cooper discuss their recruiting stories. Specifically of interest was how they navigated their initial decisions about where to go to play and what shifted with their experience and perspectives resulting in the need to make some new choices.


I really enjoyed your recent podcast interview with Michael and Augie. What you were all talking about resonated with me and made a lot of sense. I am now subscribing and look forward to listening to more interesting stories.”

- Ray K., Parent

Williamsburg, VA

"Tales From The Trail podcast has been an excellent source of college recruiting information. My son is a rising junior in high school and is beginning the recruiting process, and hearing college coaches discuss recruiting on the podcast is invaluable. Scot has been very responsive to questions and dedicated a podcast to asking coaches several of my recruiting questions. Tales From The Trail is the perfect resource for parents and players navigating the college recruiting process."

- Frank B., Parent

Richmond, VA

"What an INCREDIBLE resource packed with HIGH YIELD information! The guests are very informative - great perspectives, interesting, transparent, entertaining, and clearly passionate about helping recruits and their parents navigate this fairly complex process in order to make the best decisions along the way. Thank you MatchPlay for this wonderful resource!"

- Brigitte S., Parent

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