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It's great to get an offer, know the details!

When you're being recruited, and you reach the point where offers are coming your way, make sure you understand the details. Two important points to fully know are a) any scholarship money and b) your roster position.

If a coach, wants you to commit before the money has been finalized, press pause and prioritize any scholarship that could be in play before your accept.

Additionally, ask about your role on the team. Where does the staff see you fitting in? When can you expect to have a realistic shot at playing? Are there older players on the roster at your position who have played a lot over the last couple years that could delay you working into the lineup? Get an answer that is in alignment with how you want your athletic career to unfold over the next 4 years.

You've worked very hard to get to this point, have a clear picture of what is being offered to you before committing.


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