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Do Your Homework

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

I recently sat down with Chris Norris, head coach of the men’s soccer team at the College of William and Mary and Justin Chezem, the head coach of the men’s team at Christopher Newport University. Our objective was to discuss the recruiting process. Specifically, some of the things that could hinder a high school athlete’s efforts to move on to play their sport in college. In addition to releasing a recording of the discussion, I’ll cover the high points in a blog format.

One of the topics was the importance of asking deeper questions that show you have done your homework. Rather than asking ‘what do you look for in a player?’, which is a broad question that can be answered in several ways, be more specific. Especially if you’re a little further into the process, consider the following and ask questions more like:

  • What does the coach like about you?

  • Understand the status of the roster. If you want to play a certain position, who do they currently have in that spot?

  • Is there a scholarship player in that position?

  • Look into their player stats on the team’s website. How do their current players physical stats stack up to yours?

  • How many minutes do they play?

  • Does the team play in a way that fits with how you’re used to playing?

To have the information to ask deeper, more informed questions, do your research before you put yourself in front of the coach. Understand the school, look into the team and how they play, who they've played, and dive into who the players are and how they're used on the field. Check out some of the social media accounts of current players to get an idea of what the team is like. In other words, find all the information that is available to you, so you sound informed and knowledgable to maximize the limited time you have with the coaching staff and players.

See you on the Trail. SC

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