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What Should You Prioritize When Looking for a School?

When you start to consider the criteria for selecting a school, you might want to prioritize the sport you want to play there. However, every coach I've spoken with has said it's highly important to prioritize your comfort with the school before you see yourself on the team. In other words ask yourself, 'If I'm away from or not playing the sport, will I be happy here?'

What reasons do you think fuel this recommendation? Here are some examples:

  • What if you start off playing but sustain an injury that pulls you from the roster?

  • What if you end up challenged academically which pulls you from your ability to practice and play?

  • What if you have a personal or family emergency that pulls your time from the team?

Of course, ideally, you end up playing and learning at a place that satisfies all your criteria. However, a recurring theme in all my conversations focus on the need to do as much research as you can about a school and prioritize how you feel about the school as an institution that provides a feeling of comfort, safety, a roadmap for academic success that also allows you to continue your playing career. This holistic evaluation increases the likelihood that you land in the right place, not just any place regardless of the unknowns you might encounter.


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